LiveWorld makes it easier for brands to launch and enhance Facebook Messenger chatbots

You can now offer your customers personalized interactions through Facebook Messenger conversations with LiveWorld's AI technology.
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Brands need to speed up and scale their interactions with their customers who connect with them one-on-one, whilst offering a personalised experience with a human touch.

Although brands are attempting to capitalize on the rise of chatbots, Facebook chatbots have a 70-percent failure rate, making human interactions a necessity.

San Jose, Calif.-based conversation management company LiveWorld has launched its new enterprise software program to solve this issue.

Its solution offers program strategy development, enterprise conversation management software, chatbot development, and integration with human agents.

Enterprises can now provide personalized interactions with customers at scale and in real time across Facebook Messenger and social media channels.

The platform supports high volumes of conversations across multiple accounts and social media networks through its workflow.

Customer interactions can be integrated with existing CRM and helpdesk applications. This then gives customer service agents access to information from each chatbot and human agent conversation.

Brands can combine domain-specific chatbot responses with empathy and full contextual understanding of human agents. The program optimizes each interaction on Messenger and other messaging apps to recognize sales opportunities, and resolve service issues.

The company also offers chatbot development planning and program management. Its open API integrates brand or third-party chatbots with conversation management applications.

Brands can see customer profiles and conversation histories, which enables the customer experience to be personalized.

The integration of chatbots and human agents with enterprise systems means that companies are able to scale and automate conversations across multiple social channels in their marketing and customer service programs.

This means that tools can track and manage dialogue, engage customers during campaigns, offer scalable customer service, and provide social analytics.

LiveWorld's human agent services offer 24/7 global coverage of social media and messaging app content moderation, response, and proactive engagement.

It is available in over 70 countries and is intended to augment existing brand agent teams or provide an outsourced alternative.

Peter Friedman, chairman and CEO of LiveWorld, said: "Messaging apps enable companies to instantly connect with customers, providing better real-time experience and service. Our turnkey yet modular software and services combination empowers brands to go to market quickly with great results."

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