Love Google, hate Pot Noodles

Despite proving reluctant to spend money on advertising, Google tops the list of most-loved brands in the UK

Google is the most loved brand in the UK, according to a survey of 3,000 consumers published on Wednesday.

The research, conducted by Marketing magazine, showed that several IT and Internet companies enjoy a warm place in our hearts. While 31 percent of those surveyed cited Google as a brand they liked, phone maker Nokia grabbed third place with 22 percent, behind Tescos. Ebay came fourth with 19 percent, and Dell sixth with 17 percent.

Google's popularity and success has mostly been built up thanks to word of mouth. It only hired its first ad agency last summer. It also suffered negative headlines in recent months — including its decision to censor search results for Chinese users — but it appears that UK consumers have not been put off.

The most-hated brand was Pot Noodle, a dried pasta snack which, like Google, is traditionally popular with students.