M1 Mac Mini reportedly suffering Bluetooth problems

Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s the screaming.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Contributor on

Having problems connecting Bluetooth devices to your shiny new M1-powered Mac Mini? You're not alone.

Tech site Wccftech first spotted user complaints over on Reddit, where new owners were complaining about a raft of Bluetooth-related issues, the most annoying being that connected Bluetooth keyboards stops working on reboot, causing the owner to have to fit a wired keyboard at startup.


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YouTuber Patrick Tomasso, who jumped onto the Apple M1 platform, has also been suffering similar Bluetooth issues, and has posted a video venting his frustration over Bluetooth performance.

Interestingly, in the comments to the video, some people are complaining of similar issues with other non-M1 Macs, suggesting that poor Bluetooth performance may not be limited to the newer M1 Macs and may be more widespread.

I've reached out to a few M1 Mac owners and while some claim that Bluetooth seems to be working fine, one Mac Mini user reported seeing the keyboard issue, and another saw Bluetooth problems early on but that they have since not reappeared.

If you are suffering from these issues then your fixes are at present quite limited. Some users say that a hard reset clears things up, while others report that the problems clear up only to return in a few days.

So it seems the ultimate fix will be for Apple to push out a patch.

Note: Some of these issues may related to FileVault encryption disabling Bluetooth prior to logging in, although that does not explain the other performance issues.

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