Mac mobile links on the way

First products will ship in April
Written by Matthew Rothenberg, Contributor on

Apple product managers have told Macworld UK that Mac users can expect mobile phone links with their portable systems, iBook-like design elements for the PowerBook, third-party Bluetooth add-ons and a WAP-compatible FileMaker plug-in.

Apple Europe senior manager of mobile products, Willem Poterman, said Apple has been working with mobile phone giants Nokia and Ericsson for a year, and predicted the first products will ship in April. "PowerBook users want their phones to work with their portables via infrared and, later, Bluetooth via third-party cards," he said.

In other news, worldwide product manager Linda Frager told Macworld UK that the consumer iBook will gain FireWire and DVD "over time", while worldwide product manager Sandy Green hinted that Apple's design group is working to add iBook-style design features to the professional PowerBook line.

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