Maintain document integrity with Documents To Go 9

Documents To Go is the premier mobile Office suite for Palm OS based mobile devices and they continue to improve their product with the release of Documents To Go 9. Their new InTact Technology helps you maintain all your special formatting even if you need to edit it on your Treo device.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
I was a Treo 650 user for over a year and one of the critical applications that I had loaded to make sure I was able to conduct business from my mobile device was Documents To Go from DataViz. Their previous version, 8.x, added native PDF support to the Palm OS. I received an email link to the press release announcing Documents To Go 9. Version 9 adds a new technology called InTact that ensures that all file formatting is kept intact when editng and emailing office files. Looking through the white paper indicates that data (like footers and headers) is pulled out of the document when you open it on your small display and then this information is placed back in the document before you send or sync the document. It will be interesting to try this out and see if this data extraction/insertion has any effect on how the application performs in terms of speed and reliability.

Other improvements in this latest version are a better File Explorer so you can more efficiently browse and find your documents, support for more advanced viewing options has been added to Word To Go, Sheet To Go now supports XY scatter lots and True Type fonts, and updated support for SlideShow To Go. The Premium Edition retails for US$49.99 and there are upgrade rebates available for existing Documents To Go owners.

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