Manhattan Software unveils big data, analytics for real estate

Managing a portfolio of commercial property? Want to get a better handle on performance? Manhattan's got your number.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor on

If you've never heard of the vaguely-named enterprise technology company Manhattan Software, don't be alarmed—it's because the 30-year-old, London-based firm's sole focus is the real estate sector.

Specifically, asset and facilities management systems for commercial property. (Ask your facilities manager.)

This morning, at its annual customer conference in Las Vegas, the company announced a new piece to its platform: big data and analytics. It wants to pull data in from a number of sources—and there are many, given the nature of real estate, from financials to meter readings to sensor data of all kinds—and get better insight into building performance, past or future.

The new product will be called, simply, "Manhattan Analytics," and will draw from its existing Integrated Workplace Management and CenterStone Computer Aided Facility Management products.

The value proposition? The typical one for big data that you've read on ZDNet before: a stronger return on investment case; more granular insight into performance; industry benchmarking; reduced cost and risk. If you're an executive, it won't make a decision for you, but the company hopes it will make you feel better about the ones you do make.

The new capability is not yet available; that's why this post is so short on specifics. But Manhattan promises that it will be deployed for a limited group of its customers by the end of next month.


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