Mark your calendar: Microsoft's fall event date is here

Microsoft's fall "special event" date has been announced. Here's what we expect to see, including new Surface products.
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Microsoft has sent out invites for its annual fall launch event -- and ZDNET has made the list. Although the invite itself is vague, it reveals some information that we will share with you. 

The tech giant says the "special event" is taking place on September 21. At the company's yearly event, Microsoft typically launches hardware. This year will likely be no different. 

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Microsoft unveiled its next-generation Surface devices at the 2022 fall event, including the Surface Laptop 5, Surface Pro 9, and Surface Studio 2+, and some accessories as well. 

At this year's event, we can expect to see the launch of some rumored Surface devices, including the Surface Laptop Studio 2, a predecessor to the Surface Laptop Studio, which has been out for two years, the Surface Laptop Go 3, and the Surface Go 4. 

It is also likely Microsoft will use the stage to announce some new AI features, products, and upgrades. 

Since launching Bing Chat in February, Microsoft has been optimizing the AI chatbot, releasing new features on an almost a biweekly basis -- and they'll likely keep the streak going at the event. 

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Fall is a notoriously busy time in tech, with nearly every major tech company using this season to launch new products ahead of holiday shopping. 

Apple and Amazon are among the other tech giants launching hardware in September at launch events. ZDNET will cover all these events and keep track of the launches, so you don't have to. 

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