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Master leveraging big data with this $39 comprehensive training

Make your business run smoother and more efficiently with these expert-taught courses.
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While we might typically hear about data in the context of big tech companies like Google and Facebook, data is not just for the Silicon Valley firms. Businesses of all kinds, big and small, run on data. Being able to collect information about customers can give any business the upper hand, assuming they know how to use it.

There are more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. Just a fraction of it is being analyzed and put to use. That leaves a lot of room for you and your business to make the most of the data that you have access to. The Complete Big Data eBook and Video Course Bundle is packed with lessons that will teach you how to master your data, optimize your business, and find success in new ways. You'll get all that for just $29.99.

Learn how to analyze big data like a tech company

The Complete Big Data eBook and Video Course Bundle contains the professional-taught courses that will walk you through the fundamentals of data collection and analysis. Learn about the most powerful tools in the field through eBooks like Big Data Analytics with SAS and Big Data Analytics with Hadoop 3. You'll find lessons that will walk you through familiar platforms like Azure and AWS so you can get the most of the powerful tools that are at your fingertips.

Know when to put data to use

Once you've armed yourself with a full understanding of the apps and services that can be leveraged to analyze data, you'll be surprised to find just how much you can do with that information. Courses like Data Stream Development with Apache Spark, Kafka, and Spring Boot will show you how to build and deploy a full, end-to-end data pipeline, while Real Time Streaming Using Apache Spark Streaming will teach you how to process information as it is arriving.

In total, you'll find 10 different expert-taught courses within the Complete Big Data eBook and Video Course Bundle. This collection of educational classes will arm you with more than 23 hours of video content and five full eBooks that will equip you with the knowledge of a big data firm.

The Complete Big Data eBook and Video Course Bundle typically retails for $698, but you can save 95% off the retail price right now. That means you pay just $29.99. It's a great deal of savings for a course that will teach you everything that you need to know about big data so that you can optimize and improve your business. It's an offer that you don't want to miss out on, so grab it while you can!

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