McAfee beefs up portfolio with NitroSecurity acquisition

McAfee is stepping up its information management and enterprise security offerings with a completed acquisition.

McAfee has expanded the number and scale of its business solutions with the completed acquisition of enterprise security and IT management vendor NitroSecurity.

Much of NitroSecurity's integrated solutions are designed to provide more visibility and situational awareness across an organization. Dubbed as the "fastest performing SIEM solution available" for medium to large businesses, NitroSecurity's products are touted as capable of collecting and analyzing large amounts of security information thanks to a highly scalable, patented database engine.

Basically, McAfee will be boosting its own portfolio of products and services. The coupling of NitroView ESM with McAfee's ePO platform will enable users to view and correlate events, activities, and logs created by networks, databases, and applications to rapidly implement a range of risk monitoring and mitigation actions.

Stuart McClure, general manager and senior vice president of McAfee's risk and compliance business unit, further explained the potential benefits to enterprise customers in a blog post:

I’m excited about this acquisition because the integration of these solutions gives our enterprise users complete visibility—via a single management console—into their endpoint assets, underlying network infrastructure, specific security threats and risks, and system vulnerabilities across the entire IT environment.

Senior executives, business managers, and IT managers can leverage this information to more rapidly assess their risk profile and security posture and analyze and institute a range of corrective actions, such as issuing new configurations, implementing new policies, and deploying more recent software updates.

McAfee originally announced the intended merger back in October. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed.