McDonalds UK Web site hacked by fluffy bunny

Fluffy cracker takes on the global food giant

US fast food chain McDonalds saw its UK Web site hacked and defaced Wednesday by a computer cracker calling himself the Fluffy Bunny.

The cracker broke into the company's Web server and defaced the Web site with a parody of the burger giant's genuine homepage, renaming the company McB00biez.

In the format of the original UK McDonalds page, the defacement advertises such products as "Bexter Nuggets", the "Bunny Burger" and states: "We want Boobiez".

Security experts say that this sort of defacement can potentially do the most damage to a company's image.

"It they take a site and just modify it, that's where real problems happen," says Kevin Black vice president of E-Security, a UK-based computer security company.

Black points to an incident in 1999 where a group of Scottish hackers subtly changed a Scottish government Web site to make it look like Scotland was declaring war on Wales.

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