Microsoft acquires IoT software vendor Solair

Microsoft has purchased an Italian IoT software vendor, Solair, and plans to integrate its technology into Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite.

Microsoft has purchased Solair, an Internet of Things (IoT) software vendor, for an undisclosed amount.


Microsoft plans to integrate Solair's technology into the Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, according to a May 3 Microsoft blog post announcing the acquisition.

Solair is based in Casalecchio di Reno, Italy, which means Microsoft can use some of its offshore cash for this purchase.

Solair targets its software at the retail, manufacturing, food and beverage and transportation industries.

Solair recently introduced a number of IoT applications aimed at specific vertical markets, The apps are available as a set of preconfigured modules meant to manage elements of IoT applications, such as collecting data from products, sending it to the cloud, and transforming the data.

Solair also offers an IoT gateway, which is a hardware device for collecting and communicating data.

Microsoft's Azure IoT Suite allows users to connect and monitor devices and collect data from those devices for analysis.

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