Microsoft Brazil to deliver digital crime training program to Public Prosecutor's Office

Prosecutors will be trained in the company's tools for crime investigation and prevention.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Microsoft Brazil has signed a term of cooperation with São Paulo's Public Prosecutor's Office (MPSP) around initiatives related to fighting online crime.

Under the agreement, prosecutors will be trained up by Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) on tools employed for investigation and prevention of crime taking place in virtual environments.

"Equipping [public prosecutors] is fundamental so that the institution continues to provide the answers that the society expects," chief prosecutor at the MPSP, Gianpaolo Smanio, said in a statement.

The DCU is a Microsoft sponsored team of international legal and internet security experts employing new tools and technologies to stop or interfere with cybercrime and cyber threats.

According to Microsoft, there is no financial investment involved in the agreement beyond allocation of personnel for the training sessions. Specific dates for the program have yet to be defined.

We believe that initiatives such as [the agreement with the MPSP] are crucial to enable even more people and organizations to leverage the potential of technology in a secure and reliable manner," Microsoft Brazil's president Paula Bellizia said in a statement.

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