Microsoft, Chinese TV provider take ATN platform to Azure

To cater for the rising demand for Internet television services, a Chinese online subscription platform is being tested out by firms Microsoft and PPTV.

Today, technology giant Microsoft and Chinese Internet service provider PPTV signed a partnership deal to bring the PPTV Asia TV Networks (ATN) platform to Windows Azure.

microsoft pptv online television platform

As Microsoft's first cloud-based collaboration with a local Chinese new media company, the PPTV Asia TV Networks (ATN) service platform hosts consumer content and television services through a one-stop online service. 

It will also offer a host of business opportunities for content providers in the Asia region.

As part of the agreement, PPTV has adopted Windows Azure as the core infrastructure for PPTV ATN. The new platform, made possible through cloud technology, is aimed at catering for the rising demand for online television services.

Although the phenomenon has the capability of being disruptive to the entertainment industry unless harnessed properly, it can also bring media to a wider audience -- and therefore create a new revenue stream.

The PPTV ATN program has been launched as a "showcase" online television subscription service. Content can be uploaded by global content providers, and then can be licensed to service providers through revenue sharing.

Chuang Tao, CEO of PPTV, said:

"With Windows Azure, we can offer scale and flexibility not found anywhere else. We can also avoid unpredictable resource and demand fluctuations globally. PPTV ATN can thus pass on these benefits to our partners, and in the end to our global customers. This is a new competitive edge for our business."

"Cloud computing is widely recognised as the nerve centre of the next generation of information technology. And cloud-based services for most of the cases are well-connected to local markets," added Ya-Qin Zhang, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Chairman of Microsoft Asia-Pacific R&D Group.

The signing ceremony took place in Shanghai, attended by Zhengyi Liu, the Deputy District Head of Shanghai Pudong New Area District, Chuang Tao, Chief Executive Officer of PPTV and Ya-Qin Zhang.

PPTV is currently the largest online television service operating in China, featuring television shows, sports, entertainment and news content.