Microsoft delivers Windows 10 'Redstone' phone build 14322 to testers

A new test build for Windows 10 Mobile phone testers in the Fast Ring, No. 14322, includes a number of interface, Edge browser and Cortana tweaks.

A week after delivering the latest Windows 10 "Redstone" build to Fast Ring PC testers only, Microsoft is making a new preview available to Fast Ring Windows 10 Mobile testers.


The latest Windows 10 Mobile build, 14322, is available for download today, April 14. Last week's Redstone PC test build was No. 14316, so this one is slightly newer. Microsoft didn't release 14316 to Mobile testers a week ago due to a cellular-data-related bug the Windows team discovered at the last minute.

The newest Windows 10 Mobile Redstone build includes some visual changes to the Action Center, resulting in users no longer seeing app icons repeated for each notification. There are also changes to Notifications, via which there are now more flexible layouts and content-rich notifications available. And users can customize which Quick Actions will appear in Action Center/

Cortana notifications are now in the Action Center, too. And users can more easily set Cortana reminders in new ways: By taking a picture of something users want to be reminded about "like that beer you just tried and want to pick up next time you're at the store." (Nice one, Microsoft, says this craft beer fan.)

Users also can set reminders on content from Universal Windows Platform apps that share contracts in Windows, allowing users to do things like be reminded of articles someone shared.Edge gets improved copy and paste and tab behavior with this build. And Continuum-capable phones now include support for most USB Ethernet adapters (but check the caveats in today's blog post for the particulars.)

Microsoft plans to release soon its "Messaging Everywhere" feature in Windows 10 that allows users to send and receive text messages from their phones directly from Windows 10 PCs. A newer Mobile build is required for this to work, however.

As usual, there are fixes and known issues with today's build, which are itemized in today's post about Build 14322.