Microsoft delivers yet another new Vista build

Microsoft posted yet another new Vista test build, Number 5728, on September 22.

Microsoft posted yet another new Vista test build on September 22.

The newest – build 5728 – is only available (so far, at least) to technical beta testers and participants in Microsoft’s Technology Adoption Program, testers said.

The build follows on the heels of Vista Release Candidate (RC) 1, which Microsoft began distributing exactly three weeks ago, on September 1.

Testers said it was too soon to tell what was new in 5728, as they only started their downloading process.

“Microsoft released an interim build of Windows Vista. Microsoft is distributing this build to a select number of Customer Preview Program (CPP) participants, in addition to the regular distribution to TechBeta, TechNet, TAP and MSDN, in order to get even greater diversity in the feedback we receive,” a Microsoft spokeswoman said.

“Microsoft is distributing this interim build to provide technical audiences and application developers an opportunity to test their developments against a more current build of Windows Vista,” the spokeswoman said. “Specifically, Microsoft is looking for new-user feedback on the install and upgrade process and new configurations. Build 5728 also includes ongoing fit and finish work based on feedback Microsoft has received to date on the Release Candidate 1 released on September 1.”

During the past year, Microsoft has been releasing a new external Vista test build to testers on roughly a once-per-month schedule. Only a few of these builds, notably the May Customer Preview Program (CPP) Beta 2 and the recently released RC1, have gone out to larger, more public audiences. Microsoft’s plan with RC1 was to distribute the build to as many as five million testers worldwide, company officials said.

Microsoft’s publicly stated plan remains to release Vista to manufacturing this fall, release the code to business customers in November 2006 and launch the product worldwide in January 2007.

Stay tuned for more feedback on the newest Vista test build as testers start weighing in.