Microsoft investigating Zune client 4.7 memory issues

Microsoft is looking into user reports of memory problems connected to its new Zune PC client 4.7 software update.
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Microsoft is looking into user reports of memory problems connected to its new Zune PC client 4.7 software update.

Microsoft delivered the Zune 4.7 release, which adds support for Windows Phone 7 devices and applications, on October 11.The Zune PC client is the vehicle via which Microsoft will deliver operating system and application updates to Zune media-player and Windows Phone 7 customers.

A number of users -- most of which seemed to be running 64-bit Windows 7 -- began reporting memory-usage problems, via the Zune Forums, shortly after downloads of the client began.

Some users wondered whether a memory leak might be at fault. User "Bleak OG" wrote:

"I installed the update. It was working fine for a while. Starting to notice the Zune software is using absurd amounts of memory now. I know it has always been pretty intensive program, but now it is much more than usual. The software is very unresponsive and using about 1.5 GB of RAM with no actions being performed. Seems to be a memory leak. The software just keeps using more and more memory. This is on Windows 7 64-Bit."

One Microsoft representative requested those still experiencing problems to send their Zune database files to him for further investigation. He explained that the database file is located under C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Zune\ZuneStore.sdf (assuming you are using Vista or above and your system is located on C:). "Or you can use %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Zune\ZuneStore.sdf," he said.

That Microsoft representative, "Rodrigo B." with the Zune product team, asked those with problems to "Please share the file via SkyDrive or similar and send me a private message with the file location."

A spokesperson told me on October 14 that Microsoft "is aware of the reports and are investigating the issue."

Some users are sharing potential Zune 4.7 memory-spike fixes among themselves in the Zune Forums.

Update: Chris Woodruff notes there also is a media-collection reset tool available for download from Microsoft which may fix users' memory issues with Zune 4.7.

Update No. 2: Microsoft is advising users experiencing the problem to try the media-collection reset tool that Woodruff mentioned. Here's the official word from a member of the Zune team, which Microsoft posted to the Zune forums late on October 15:

"The Zune team has been looking into the forum reports of high memory usage associated with our 4.7 update. The scope of the issue is impacting a limited number of users who have upgraded from earlier versions of the Zune software. A solution to this problem is to run the Zune Media Reset Tool which can be downloaded directly from Microsoft.com.


NOTE: As always, practice safe computing habits and please backup all of your music, videos, pictures, and Podcasts prior to running the tool on your PC."

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