Microsoft releases Azure Container Service preview

Microsoft is opening up a gated preview for its Azure Container Service it built with Docker and Mesosphere, along with a public preview of its Azure Security Center.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

The Azure container scheduling and orchestration service Microsoft first detailed in September is now available in public preview.

Azure Container Service (ACS) allows for the creation and management of a cluster of virtual machines that act as container hosts, together with other "master" machines for orchestrating application containers.

Microsoft announced availability of the gated ACS preview in a December 2 blog post.

As noted back in September, Microsoft's ACS preview builds on top of work the Azure team has done with Docker Inc. and Mesosphere to deliver a production ready container service that is based on Docker, Apache Mesos and open source components from Mesosphere's Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).

To get access to the preview, those interested should have an Azure Subscription and submit their application to Microsoft.

The ACS preview was just one piece of Azure news today.

Microsoft also kicked off the public preview of Azure Security Center on December 2. Azure Security Center, which Microsoft officials unveiled a couple weeks ago, allows users to monitor the security state of their Azure resources and control cloud security with policies for various configurations. The Azure Security Center also alerts users to threats detected using Microsoft's analytics and threat-monitoring systems.

Microsoft also made generally available its Azure Portal (codenamed "Ibiza"), which is now the default portal for Azure. The company also rolled out today new Azure CDN features, and made its Azure App Service mobile apps generally available, as well.

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