'Microsoft, SAP just don't get cloud computing'

Salesforce prefers "a core strategy of love"

Salesforce prefers "a core strategy of love"

Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff has accused SAP of failing to understand cloud computing and slammed Microsoft's internet-based operating system, Azure.

Speaking at Salesforce's Dreamforce user conference in San Francisco, Benioff questioned SAP's delayed software as a service ERP project, Business ByDesign even inviting the German company to use the Force.com developer platform.

According to Benioff, SAP is harming the cloud computing cause through the "terrible job" the company is doing with Business ByDesign.

"Business ByDesign is a huge implosion. The way they're developing it is insane," he told Dreamforce.

"They have to have their own platform, it makes no sense. I think that they don't understand cloud computing."

Microsoft's cloud strategy also came in for criticism from Benioff, who said its web OS Azure merely continues Microsoft's approach of working with its own technology to the exclusion of others.

"[Microsoft] use their monopoly to control this industry and keep us all in a box. They just think they're the whole industry," he added.

"We love everyone, we love vendors. This is our core strategy, love," he said.

The company has been using Dreamforce to announce interoperability initiatives with Amazon and Facebook around its Force.com developer platform.

Despite extending the functionality of Salesforce.com's own cloud computing offering with the addition of Force.com Sites, Benioff revealed the company isn't planning to become the software as a service equivalent of a Swiss army knife.

"We're very focused on CRM and platform. If we try to do it all I don't think that's going to work. I think we have to pick our poison," he said.