Microsoft teams up with SpikeSource

Software giant hopes a tie-up with SpikeSource will give it more credentials to win over open-source sceptics

Microsoft's drive to win over open-source customers took another step on Thursday when it announced that it was to work with the open-source certification company, SpikeSource.

In a joint announcement, the two companies said they would work together so Microsoft could "certify all of SpikeSource's SpikeIgnited solutions on the Microsoft Windows platform".

SpikeSource has a range of open-source applications including business intelligence, enterprise content management, collaboration, email, CRM and web content management.

Bill Hilf, general manager of platform strategy at Microsoft said that the partnership would give SpikeSource customers, "more flexibility and increased platform interoperability and further highlights the wide spectrum of customers taking advantage of and deriving value from the Microsoft platform".

Kim Polese, chief executive of SpikeSource, said: "This company was founded to accelerate the mass-market adoption of business-ready open-source solutions, and this announcement illustrates our commitment to offering users tested and supported applications that meet their needs, regardless of the operating system they have deployed."

SpikeSource recently shipped a Windows-certified SpikeIgnited product to NEC, which now offers open-source solutions that are certified on both Linux and Windows.

The company also starting shipping on Friday a Windows-certified Drupal SpikeIgnited solution. Drupal is an open-source software project that tries to make it easier for website administrators to publish content on the internet.

SpikeSource plans to certify additional solutions on the Windows platform in the second half of 2007.