Microsoft to deliver next Windows Intune release on October 17

A new version of Microsoft's PC security and management service, Windows Intune, is due out on October 17.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor on

Microsoft plans to roll out its Windows Intune 2.0 release starting October 17, according to a new post on the Windows for Your Business blog on September 6.

Windows Intune is one of Microsoft’s cloud services that provides IT pros with PC management and security for $11 per seat per month. There are two components to Windows Intune 1.0 (which was codenamed “Florida”): On-premises Windows and Windows management tools, plus an online management and security service. Windows Intune evolved from a Microsoft project known as System Center Online Desktop Manager (SCODM).

Microsoft made a beta of the Windows Intune 2.0 release available for download on July 11. The updated version coming in October will include the aforementioned new features plus some "updates of the July 2011 beta," today's blog post said.

In July, company officials acknowledged that the new version of Intune will support third-party application updates and patching. It also will add the ability to perform remote IT tasks, and read-only access to the administration console.

Current Windows Intune customers will be automatically upgraded "in the few weeks following October 17," with no action required by customers, according to Microsoft officials. "Two weeks prior to your upgrade date, you’ll see an alert displayed in the Windows Intune administration console indicating the exact date and time when your subscription will be upgraded," today's blog post said.

Brand-new customers can sign up on October 17 to receive the 2.0 version immediately. Those beta testing Intune 2.0 will see the beta close on November 17. "After this date, you will not be able to access your beta account and all account data will be deleted. We highly recommend that you remove the client software and restore computers to their pre-beta state," Microsoft officials said.

Microsoft released version 1.0 of Windows Intune in March 2011.

There's no word in today's blog post as to when Microsoft will be integrating Windows Intune into Office 365, but company officials have said that is on the agenda.

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