​Microsoft updates Skype after users slam redesign

Microsoft has heard that few Skype users like the new version it released in June.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

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Microsoft is listening to Skype user feedback after its massive but not-so-popular redesign.

The company has just rolled out its first update to Skype since the June overhaul which appeared to make Microsoft's video-calling app a bit more like messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat.

Microsoft boasted it was the best ever version of Skype, but many iOS and Android users were put off by it, largely because it lacks previously available functionality, such as status display, which allows the user to see whether their contacts are online.

Microsoft's Skype community forum is filled with complaints about the app, while the App Store rating for the current version is just 1.5 stars, compared with Skype's overall rating of 4.5 stars. The feedback on Google Play is similar.

"Removing the ability to be available and invisible was a bad decision. Removing the ability to turn off large animated emojis was a bad decision. The formatting looks horrible. I can't even press enter within a message anymore. If the Skype desktop is made anywhere near as bad, I'm officially going to switch to Discord," wrote one Skype user on a thread with hundreds of users have responded to.

In a blogpost last week, Microsoft said it had received "a lot of great feedback" from Skype users on what was "a big change" and outlined how it is addressing some of these criticisms.

"We want you to know we've been listening, updating, and responding to your feedback," the Skype Team said.

In the near future it will be reintroducing the status display for contacts on the homescreen, and the ability to share content from other apps within Skype chats.

The current update also fixes the ability to delete contacts and conversations, and now supports using other apps while on a call, as well as a fix for notifications.

As well as fixing up its mobile apps, Microsoft has introduced some of updates for Skype on Windows 10. The new Skype allows users to start new conversations, view the profile, and open the dial pad from the top of recent conversations.

The update also enables the use of Windows share charms for sharing files, videos, photos, and links. There's also a new emoji reaction feature available for quick responses to message or video.

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