Microsoft Windows set to retire?

…enter Midori

…enter Midori

Microsoft Windows' future appears to lie in the cloud, with details emerging about a possible new web-based operating system from Redmond, called 'Midori'.

The system is forecast to be a cloud computing service, making it less reliant on a specific piece of hardware than existing versions of Windows.

Such an approach would free up people to use the OS to access information and services on a wide range of mobile and desktop devices. Public Sector

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Leaked documents, reportedly seen by the Software Development Times, are alleged to show that Midori will run on x86, x64 and ARM hardware and that applications will be interoperable with existing Windows apps.

The system reportedly will run a virtualisation layer between hardware and the OS and is expected to be a commercial offshoot of the Singularity research project.

Microsoft is refusing to comment on the new OS, saying Midori is one of many incubation projects it has underway.