Microsoft withdraws Windows Mobile update

An update allowing smartphone users to read Office 2007 documents has been pulled from Microsoft's website hours after posting

A key Microsoft update which will let smartphone users read Office 2007 documents has been temporarily withdrawn.

Office Mobile 6.1, an update to Microsoft's mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, will let users of Windows Mobile 6 devices read Office 2007 documents for the first time.

Jason Langridge, a senior business manager in Microsoft's UK-based Windows Mobile Group, blogged on Thursday that the update was available, providing a URL of the download page.

But, within hours, both the update and Langridge's blog post were withdrawn.

When asked the reason for the withdrawal, Langridge told that he had removed the post because he had cited an incorrect URL.

Langridge confirmed that the update was not currently available and he could offer no specific timescale for its availability.

In a blog the following day, Langridge said he had removed the post because "our product team posted an internal site that was not intended for public consumption".

It is thought that the public release of the update is due for the first half of October.

In the meantime, Windows Mobile users will have to use third-party software, such as that from DataViz, to read Office 2007 documents.