Microsoft's former Windows Chief Terry Myerson joins two investment firms

The former head of Microsoft's Windows unit has resurfaced after leaving the company earlier this summer and will be involved with two different investment firms.

After leaving Microsoft earlier this year, former Windows chief Terry Myerson is back in business. In an October 23 blog post on LinkedIn, Myerson provided an update on his next moves.


While some had wondered if Myerson would join another tech company in an executive role, it turns out he's doing what many former Microsoft execs have done: Joining an investment firm. In Myerson's case, he's actually joining two: Madrona Ventures and The Carlyle Group.

At Madrona, a major Pacific Northwest venture capital firm, Myerson will be a Venture Partner. And at the Carlyle Group, Myerson will be joining as an Operating Executive, where he'll be examining investments in large, global companies and "contribute experience from operating large-scale technology teams," as he explained his new role.

"Whereas Madrona likes to lead Series A rounds of brand-new ventures, Carlyle manages over $200 billion and considers investments of hundreds of millions of dollars (or more) behind strategies to scale existing great businesses," Myerson explained in his post.

Microsoft announced in late March 2018 that Myerson would be leaving the company during the summer. Myerson had headed up Microsoft's Windows business since 2013. Simultaneous with notice of Myerson's planned departure, Microsoft split the Windows and Devices organization in half, with some pieces toing to the new Experiences & Devices unit, and the rest to the newly minted Cloud + AI group.

Myerson joined Microsoft in 1997, when Microsoft bought his company, Interse. During his tenure, he led the Exchange team. After running the Windows Phone business, he was appointed in 2013 as head of the unified Windows team, and later of the WDG, which included Windows, Surface, Xbox, Windows Server, and HoloLens.