Minolta digital camera first with detachable lens

The digital camera can finally compete on an equal footing with the conventional camera, as Minolta launches the first device to boast a detachable lens.

The Dimage V (picture 4Kb) features a detachable lens that enables the user to hold the camera in one hand and the lens in the other. The unit also has a 2.7x, zoom and can be rotated as well as detached. The device has a 1.8-inch colour LCD screen, allowing users to view captured images onscreen immediately; automatic built-in flash; and uses removable, postage stamp-size SSFDC (Solid State Floppy Disc Card) cards to store image data.

The SSFDC storage cards can store a maximum of 16 or 40 images, depending on the resolution. They can be used to transfer images to a PC running Windows or Macintosh operating systems, directly using a serial cable, or by plugging them into a Type II PCMCIA card reader, via an adapter. A 2Mb card is supplied, and there is also a 4Mb card available.

The lens is powered by four AA batteries, or an AC mains adapter which is included with the lens kit.

The product is available in September and is priced at £600 + VAT.