Mobile application strategies & ecosystem domination

If you find yourself looking up a vendor on ZDNet.co.
Written by Adrian Bridgwater, Contributor

If you find yourself looking up a vendor on ZDNet.co.uk and notice that the bulk of the content you can get your hands are links to white papers rather than news or opinion, you might (if you are like me) want to learn more.

Acision is not a name most of us are familiar with, but this may be due to the fact that the brand itself emanated from the bowels of LogicaCMG’s telecoms products business, which was sold off to a consortium of investment firms last year. Acision now works with partners across the global communications industry to create and market new applications and services.

Aside from its worryingly bland somewhat overstated marketing label as, “the world’s leading messaging company,” the company appears to be filling Logica’s SMS-powered boots pretty well and has formed the Acision Innovation Network to bring comms companies together to collaborate on the creation and marketing of new apps and services.

Now that’s all well and good if you’re happy to feed on corporate gloss alone. But only yesterday I was discussing the state of mobile application development strategies in advance of a conference I am attending next week with Nick Jones who is a VP & distinguished analyst at Gartner.

I asked Jones if all the open sourcing and opening up to partner collaboration in the mobile space means that it’s all still about handset domination at the end of the day. “No, it’s all about ecosystem domination,” he said. He has a point though, this is a global power play for sure for many of these companies.

Acision isn’t in this for charity and openly states that it is developing and commercialising new applications and services while building, “Successful collaborations and innovations to create a sales pipeline of tens of millions (US$) in sectors including messaging, mobile broadband, charging, mobile marketing, m-payments and social networking.”

I will come back to Gartner’s Jones next week who has some good insight to share. So what is it that they say? All power corrupts; but absolute power corrupts absolutely. Shouldn’t that be all power corrupts; but absolute power in the mobile application development space is kinda cool?

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