Mobile Threats Rise as Global Markets Fall

Mobile Threats Rise as Markets FallAuthor: Eric Everson – MyMobiSafe.comIn the UK there are over 25 million text messages sent each day despite the struggling global economic markets.

Mobile Threats Rise as Markets Fall Author: Eric Everson –

In the UK there are over 25 million text messages sent each day despite the struggling global economic markets. This figure marks a significant year-over-year growth trend within the UK multimedia messaging (MMS) market. Additionally nearly 85 percent of all cell phones in use within the UK are now Java-enabled creating the environment for the perfect storm for mobile malware.

Java-based mobile malware has become the hottest new trend in mobile malware as so many phones are Java-enabled. For malware developers this approach creates a target audience beyond the scope of any traditional MOPS-based attack. Traditionally mobile users have shared a safeguard of MOPS (Mobile Operating System) exclusivity (an environment wherein only a limited segment of mobile phones are using the same MOPS thus users are protected by the masses of other MOPS around them). Java-based mobile malware leaps right through that veil with the ability to target handsets with mass market penetration.

As Java-based mobile malware variants are becoming increasingly popular and MMS usage is steadily increasing (not only in the UK but in the global market as well) the struggling economy is ushering in the environs for a large-scale attack. As many studies demonstrate, security spending is one of the first commercial cost centers to get cut in uncertain economic times. This means that many companies are letting their guard down especially related to security spending which is providing a lucrative proving ground for mobile malware developers.

Before the current economic downturn, handset level mobile security was limited at best. With the bulk of security dollars being expended in the maintenance of existing platforms, many companies are neglecting the most dangerous threat that their network is currently exposed to… mobile security deficiencies.

The growth trends in mobile data services are not showing signs of slowing (How many times do I keep saying that mobile phones are quickly replacing computers?). Likewise mobile malware threats are also on the rise. Put these two increases in the pot with the declining expenditures on digital security and it is easy to see how the troubled economics are driving an imminent mobile security attack like none we’ve seen before.

Do you know who sent you that message? Be sure before you open it as an embedded Java-based virus could be waiting for you.

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