Moment Pro camera update: Even without an external lens, the app takes your phone to the next level

It's rare for me to see people using anything but their smartphones for photography. While the cameras are very good in today's phones, using a third party app can help you improve your camera results.

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Moment is known for its high quality external lenses and photo cases that ensure the lenses attach securely to your phone. I've tested its anamorphic, Tele 58mm, and wide-angle lenses over the past couple of years and these lenses have improved my results.

In addition to making lenses, Moment has a very capable application for iOS and Android. Today, Moment released it's most significant Pro Camera update with new features for both iOS and Android. The update includes the following for iOS and Android:

  • Zebra Stripes: Overlays stripes over and under exposed areas in the viewfinder.
  • Focus Peaking: Dial in focus in photo or video mode. When manually focusing, sharp edges in the viewfinder will be highlighted.

I'm not a professional photographer, but from what I understand zebra stripes help you adjust your exposure levels or change the lighting so that subjects are not blown out. I look forward to testing out this new feature while I try to improve my photography skills.

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The following updates are for Android only since iOS already has these features:

  • Split Focus and Exposure: Take control of tricky lighting scenarios with a two finger tap on the viewfinder to set en exposure point and focus point to different areas of your composition.
  • RGB Histogram: Dial in your video color, balance, and exposure with a live RGB histogram.
  • RAW+JPG: In RAW mode, capture both a RAW and JPG image. Dramatically speeds up the image preview when capturing in RAW.
  • Camera roll redesign and performance improvements
  • Improved OnePlus and Samsung S10 device support

Rather than continuing with the in-app purchase freemium model on iOS, Moment is now a standard paid app download like we see on Android. The iOS app is $5.99 and the Android version is $3.99.

Moment is also offering a 15% off sale in its extensive online store that has more than 20 photography and travel brands. You will find Moment lenses and cases, straps, bags, filters, tripods, power supplies, and more in the store.

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