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Will or should your next job interview be via video? What would that entail and whose solution would enable it?

HireVue -  The best product demo I got at the show was from HireVue. As someone who really appreciates a vendor whose points are well-defined, the demo focused, etc., this one was great. Plus, it helps that I've watched this product evolve over several years.

In a nutshell, HireVue is a dream come true for companies that do a lot of hiring.  HR and/or line executives can craft a well-honed set of questions that are shot out over the web to prospective job seekers. These people use a web video camera to respond to the questions.

Smart recruiters will use a mix of behavioral and technical questions for the job seekers.

The beauty of the system is that executives do not have to travel to do a lot of the initial recruiting. Often the initial interview is simply a screening interview. Doing this by video is efficient for both the interviewer and interviewee. The interviewer can watch as much or as little of a person's responses to determine whether to advance this candidate through the process. Specific screeners may be more interested in some questions versus others.

Interviewers document their decisions online.

The two reservations I've had with systems like this are that:

1)      Candidates may find the whole thing impersonal. There is no two-way personal connection here and the company's brand could be impacted by this. For employers seeking college or high-school graduates this may not be an issue but older, more experienced hires might find this off-putting.

2)      Discrimination claims could arise if people perceive that they were not selected based on their age, gender, race, etc. if those characteristics were evident in a video clip.

Bottom line: I still like the concept. It's got a great ROI for top execs in firms with big hiring needs. It certainly warrants a look-see.


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