Motorola Droid vs. Apple iPhone 3GS vs. Palm Pre [spec shootout]

Apple iPhone vs. Motorola Droid vs. Palm Pre, in a spec shootout.
Written by Andrew Nusca, Contributor

Billshrink.com has compiled a table pitting the Apple iPhone 3GS against the new Motorola Droid against Palm's Pre -- the big three, as far as I'm concerned, in the smartphone race.

The complete showdown, after the jump:


  • Smartphones are getting even more expensive than the last showdown with the iPhone 3GS, Pre and T-Mobile G1, but the Pre remains the value king.
  • Specs continue to get better, such as camera quality and battery life.
  • Apps are growing exponentially, but Apple's head start remains a hurdle.
  • The feature gap is growing ever narrower between the iPhone and its competition. That means that soon, battles will be waged on the experience alone.
  • Note that there's no BlackBerry here, nor T-Mobile. Hmm.

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