Mozilla goes after Android tablets with new Firefox experience

Mozilla is committing to a stronger presence on tablets with the introduction of a revamped Firefox experience on Android mobile devices.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Firefox has had a presence on Android smartphones and tablets for some time now, but today Mozilla is showing a stronger commitment towards building a stronger presence on tablets in particular.

Mozilla touts this new user experience as more intuitive as well as interactive. These redesigns are also likely intended to give more competition to other popular, third-party browsers for Android devices, such as Dolphin and Opera.

Some of the more obvious changes include "Awesome Screen," which is a fun way of describing the integration of Firefox Sync and accessing browser-related data (i.e. saved passwords, bookmarks, etc.) from multiple devices -- much like on Chrome. The app is also designed to now leverage the real estate on larger screens for both portrait and widescreen views.

Additionally, there's the new tabs bar on the left side of the panel, which looks like a cross between Safari's tiled favorite pages and a digital magazine navigation interface. Users can toggle between and expand these thumbnail browser windows like they would with tabs on a desktop browser.

Google has also thrown in some tools especially for HTML5 developers, including an input tag for the camera function that enables the tablet owner to use the camera on an Android device to take pictures, scan bar codes and more without leaving Firefox.

The Firefox for Android app is available to download for free from the Android Market now.

For a closer look at the Firefox for Android experience, check out the promo video below:


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