Mozilla plans two more Firefox 3 betas

Mozilla plans for next beta; about 500,000 copies of beta 1 downloaded so far.

The Mozilla Foundation reports that nearly 500,000 copies of Firefox 3 beta 1 have been downloaded since its release and two more beta test versions will follow before its final release next year.

During a brief meeting Monday, developers said Firefox 3 Beta 2 will be released by the end of the year and beta 3 will follow in early 2008.

The Firefox team said more than 429,000 copies have been downloaded to date and that roughly 100,000 of those are active beta testers.

The next beta test versions will incorporate the visual user interface redesigns for Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OSX, which gives the browser a more appropriate look-and-feel depending on the operating system used. Users who load beta 1 on Macintosh are currently invited to test a protoype of the Firefox 3 theme for Mac OSX, dubbed Proto, which is also in beta testing as an add-on to Firefox.