MS, BT invite users to order ISDN from the Web

An initiative lead by BT and Microsoft was announced today which will let users order ISDN lines over the Web.

From next Tuesday, Windows 95 and NT users can order an ISDN line from Microsoft's Get ISDN for Microsoft Windows Web site and BT will then provide the line and arrange installation. The Web site offers comprehensive information on the technology, ISPs offering ISDN support, and the hardware and software required to run it effectively.

Today, Microsoft also publicised a leap in its transatlantic bandwidth from 6Mb to 45Mb. It said the T-3 link will mean MSN users can surf the Web faster than with any other ISP. This announcement comes amidst speculation that the new MSN service will be slow to use, being graphics and animation-intensive.

Microsoft can be contacted by telephone on 01734-270001.