MWC 2010: Nokia shows off Symbian^3, slick as any other new mobile OS

The press has been slamming Nokia for a couple of years stating they were old and tired in the mobile space. Nokia still rules the smartphone world and with Symbian^3 they are showing they can have a slick UI just like everyone else.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on

Readers here know I am a big fan of Nokia devices and run the Nokia Experts site offering a US perspective on the Finnish smartphone giant. Today at MWC, we saw Nokia demonstrate Symbian^3, which is their Symbian-based platform which will power the upcoming generation of smartphones. As you can see on the embedded video below, Symbian^3 takes S60 5th Edition to the next level with better home screen support (very much like Google Android) and amazing multimedia support (very much like the iPhone and what we see with HTC on the HD2).

Nokia is not sitting back while maintaining a huge lead in the worldwide smartphone market and shows with Symbian^3 that they can put together a UI as slick as everyone else, while also producing some of the highest quality and most functional devices on the planet. Now, they just need to crack the North American market a bit to make me happier.

Don't forget that Symbian^3 is just the start too, with Symbian^4 and Symbian^5 still coming down the pike with more exciting developments.

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