My FireFox 2.0 Review

Seems every tech blog in the land has picked up on the hot release of the week - Firefox 2.0.

Seems every tech blog in the land has picked up on the hot release of the week - Firefox 2.0. I heard a lot of good things about it while still in Beta and I finally got round to giving it a spin today.

IE7 also saw a new release this week but got a lot less attention/praise (unless you work for Microsoft) as it didn't offer much extra compared to RC1 which I already had installed. Opera's latest release has impressed as it's the first browser to pass the Acid2 test.

So is FF2.0 worth the download. Well if you haven't got Firefox at all it's an obvious yes. Once you've tried Firefox for a couple of weeks you'll find it a frustrating experience to try and browse the web with anything less. However, I am sure I'm preaching to the converted so I'll focus on What's New in 2.0.

Firstly upgrading was a doddle. I was concerned about loosing settings or my favorite extentions but most of my favourite settings and extentions are now built in to Firefox as standard. Most of the other custom extentions were updated during the beta so it was a simple matter of running the update for them when prompted asI opened FF2.0 for the first time.

Improved Tabbed Browsing Tabbed browsing was one the best features Forefox had to offer when it came out. Since then it has caught on in a big way. I typically have 10 or more tabs open at a time so this new release has enhanced the tabs further for me. Now each tab has it's own close button instead of having to view the tab and click close at the end of the tab row (you can of course still middle-click to close but handy for when I'm in an internet caf


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