Navision delivers new e-commerce product

Navision offers new e-business product as part of a complete and integrated solution.
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A business solutions provider to mid-sized companies, Navision Software Southeast Asia (SEA), today announced at Softworld Accounting & Finance the launch of Navision Web Shop, an Internet commerce solution that enables SMEs to easily and cost-effectively set up an online presence.

"Everyone is scrambling to create a Web presence for their business. Just last year alone, SMEs in Singapore generated S$1.9 billion in e-commerce transactions, and we can expect to see continued growth over the next five years," said Henrik Jeberg, Managing Director, Navision Software SEA.

The Web Shop is completely integrated with the company's flagship product, Navision Financials, and uses its existing business logic.

With tight integration between Web Shop and Navision Financials, information changes made in Financials are reflected immediately on the website without the need to re-enter data. Online orders are also automatically updated in the back-end systems in real-time, cutting out the risk of human error during data entry.

In addition, Web Shop features an event-based mail notification system that sends an e-mail to the sales back-office every time a Web order is made.

While the Internet may present new business opportunities for many, companies need their business' information systems to be tightly aligned with their physical inventory system, added Jeberg.

Founded in 1984, Navision is a Denmark based company dedicated to providing e-business solutions. Since the launch of its SEA operation Feburary this year, the company has accumulated 60 customers in the region and boasts a total of 42 000 customers worldwide.

Its Web Shop solution has recetly been awarded the "Best Web Biz Solution" and "Best Biz Solution ISV" by Microsoft.

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