NetMotion launches operational intelligence platform to supercharge enterprise mobility

The world is going mobile and NetMotion's first of its kind platform gathers a massive amount of data and presents real-time results so that clients can take action to solve mobile issues.
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NetMotion's Mobility product provides a robust solution for the mobile workforce. Its new operational intelligence platform, a world's first for enterprise mobility, captures an exhaustive amount of data with connected devices serving as data sensors for the platform.

A couple of months ago I wrote about the NetMotion Mobility solution and how it can provide reliable, stable, and secure connectivity for the mobile workforce. With the addition of its new operational intelligence platform, enterprise customers will be able to dive deep into the mobile analytics collected and presented by NetMotion to ensure that the mobile workforce remains productive and effective.

This new addition to NetMotion's offerings is complementarty to the MDM and fills a gap that is sure to please IT managers. The folks at NetMotion walked me through the four new dashboards and the operational intelligence platform is clearly a serious tool to troubleshoot the mobile workforce and ensure the engine is firing on all cylinders.

Phil Hochmuth, Program Director, Enterprise Mobility Analyst, IDC, stated:

Operational Intelligence platforms are an important development for enterprise IT teams giving them visibility and control of how end users, applications, devices, network infrastructure, and internal and external services all interact. NetMotion has applied the principles of operational intelligence to enterprise mobility. Enterprises can leverage the unique troves of data they collect including network and packet inspection, monitoring of user and application behavior and network performance.

The four dashboards we discussed include the following:

  • Performance: This section of the platform provides detailed visibility of the overall health of the mobile deployment. This includes the number of times that the persistent connection was maintained when it otherwise could have been lost without NetMotion, the details of network (both WiFi and cellular) failures, failures by platform, and more.
  • Threat Defense: See a real-time snapshot of network traffic on mobile devices, including origin and destination countries, states, cities, IP addresses and domains. Detect compromised devices exfiltrating company data, users of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and users putting data at risk by not using a VPN.
  • Cost Control: Determine under- and over-utilized data plans to control cellular plan costs. Evaluate data volumes by application, device, or user. Verify return on investment for NetMotion products via a dashboard that quantifies avoided disruptions and security threats, productivity time saved, mitigated application and network issues, and reductions in network data usage.
  • Inventory: View specific information on the devices connected to the system, ascertain the location of the devices and even assist in finding lost devices, and maintain control over the mobile devices connected to the system.

A mobile workforce is one that spends a considerable amount of time out of the office connected to the network via various means. It is tough for IT departments to collect the full story of issues experienced by these mobile workers so the new NetMotion operational intelligence platform provides even more details than a person could when it comes to informing IT exactly what was going on at the time of the failure, what application was being used, what method of connection was utilized, and even what platform was being used by the worker. This new solution will not only help companies improve its mobility experience, but help workers understand their usage and ways that they can optimize efficiency for the company.

NetMotion's operational intelligence platform provides businesses with all of the details needed to make actionable decisions. These may be decisions on acceptable devices for the mobile workforce, limitations on when and where data can be sent, primary networks to be used for mobile access, and more. The key is that NetMotion can now provide extremely detailed data, down to a device, application, etc. so that informed decisions and management of the mobile workforce can be made.

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