Don't wait years for 5G: NetMotion Mobility delivers resilient, secure, always-on connectivity

5G networks are coming, but it will be a few years before they are in widespread use and while increased speeds are part of the story, it is more about capacity and interference. NetMotion has a solution now that can improve the productivity of mobile workers.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Image: NetMotion

If you don't want to wait years to see how 5G turns out then you may want to consider the NetMotion Mobility solution that is available now and provides reliable, stable, and secure connectivity. Emergency responders, utilities, and transportation businesses currently use it and the technology has proven to be successful.

A few weeks ago I met with several folks from NetMotion who walked me through product offerings that are applicable to mobile workers. It is clear that NetMotion has a vast amount of experience in this area and offers an extremely compelling solution for the enterprise.

Christopher Kenessey (CEO), John Knopf (VP of Product), Steve Fallin (Senior Product Manager), and Randy Green spent a couple hours taking me on a deep dive into the inner workings of NetMotion and as an engineer I was thrilled by the information and details presented to me. I am working with the IT department of my engineering firm to test out the NetMotion Mobility VPN solution as my office looks to start providing more support from outside the office.

We have all heard about VPN services, just check out David Gewirtz's thorough article from a couple of weeks ago, and understand they are a secure way for businesses to conduct business. Traditional VPN services are designed for static connections. Today's workforce is mobile, which means connections to the internet are made from WiFi hotspots, secure home or office WiFi networks, and cellular networks that often suffer from weak signals as the worker moves. NetMotion Mobility is designed from the ground up to make sure mobile workers can get their jobs done without frustration or lost time.

World demand for mobile data has currently exceeded the capacity of all wireless technology and demand is quadrupling while capacity is doubling. NetMotion uses advanced algorithms and programming to intelligently balance connectivity between LTE and WiFi while also providing per application VPN controls.

The Mobility solution is designed to also provide a high level of security with FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, NSA Suite B cryptography, Common Criteria EAL 4+ certifications in place.

IT departments have the capability to perform advanced analytics on the system and optimize applications and connections to make sure critical work is a priority. Data can be blocked or compressed in order to provide the best connection for work.

Mobile workers with NetMotion Mobility have the frustration with maintaining connections removed, which leads to high efficiency and the ability to perform outside the workplace just as if that worker was in the workplace. The worker understands that they have an "always-on" connection, no matter where they are working, and is able to focus on the work and not trying to maintain the connection.

There are some interesting and encouraging case studies posted on the NetMotion website including how AT&T reduced expenses by 43 percent and how the Dutch Pilots' Corporation uses NetMotion Mobility to enable its autonomous navigation system used to manage harbor traffic of about 100,000 ships and more than 700 pilots a year.

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