Netscape not for sale - board member

Netscape Communications Corp. is not looking for a buyer, venture capitalist John Doerr said Friday.

Doerr, who sits on Netscape's (NSCP) board, threw water on reports that the company was shopping itself around. Netscape officials say their effort to widen the market for their browser is starting to pay off.

"No. Not that I know of. I mean every company is always for sale, but Netscape is not shopping itself or anything," said Doerr, who helped provide the seed money to get the company started.

In recent weeks, Netscape has mentioned as being in negotiations to sell all or parts of its operations to America Online Inc. (AOL), Sun Microsystems Inc. (SUNW), or Oracle Corp. (ORCL).

Last month, the company reported a wider-than-expected loss for the fourth quarter. The loss was $82.3 million, or 92 cents a share on a diluted basis-compared with net income of $8.2 million, or nine cents a share, for the year-earlier period.

Doeer made his comments during a conference hosted by TechNet, a bi-partisan lobbying group which Friday came out in support of an initiative to expand charter schools in California.