New case uses shotgun kickback-absorbing technology to protect your iPhone

Introducing the GunnerCase, a cell phone case made to absorb shock just like a recoil pad on a shotgun.

With newer iPhones covered in glass on both sides, accidentally dropping the phone is twice as hazardous, even with a case, it's never completely safe, and cases are constantly being made to try to grapple with this growing problem.

One of the more ingenious designs comes to us from BaseOneLabs,  who have designed a cell phone case ready for extreme shock. The case uses technology developed for another energy-absorbing product: Recoil pads. A recoil pad, a rubber device with collapsible air pockets in it, is what pro-shooters use to absorb the kickback of a shotgun.

When the product, called The GunnerCase, is dropped, the sidewalls of the case are designed to collapse and distribute force all around the case, saving your iPhone without the inconvenience of a bulky case (the GunnerCase is only 13.9 mm thick, making it one of the thinnest cases in the game).

This protection comes from what BaseOneLabs calls "Air Cells" that line the side walls of the case. The Air Cell pockets emulate a recoil pad by collapsing when the phone is dropped, absorbing the energy of impact.

The case is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and is also "anti-lint," so your phone comes out of your pocket nice and clean every time.

BaseOneLabs specializes in what they call "the science of protection," and the company makes cases for the most recent iPhones and the iPod Touch. The GunnerCase shows how design and technology can be used in tandem to lend a hand to those of us who are reckless with our phones.

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Images: BaseOneLabs

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