New Flash-based Google Talk web client

Google adds another flash application to its product suite, this time, with the help of Wes and Dudly Carr, the brothers behind the popular Gtalkr client. So far reviews of the new widget have been good, and it incorporates a lot of Google properties in a way only Flash can - including the Gtalk call feature.

Google Talk Flash Client

This morning the Google Talk team rolled out a Flash-bashed Google Talk widget that can be added to the Google homepage or embedded on any blog (info on the Google Talkabout blog). The widget is the direct result of Google's acquisition of Gtalkr last year, the company created by Wes and Dudley Carr.

The new client has a lot of fun, only-flash-can-do-these features. You can instantly share YouTube videos and Picasa previews right in the client. Google Blog Scoped has some info on the new features. It was built using Flash 8, but with he recent Flash 9 player release for Linux, it works on every major platform.

The Carr brothers are talented guys, and at Google they seem to have thrived. Flash is being used in more and more places within the web giant, and the new Google talk client makes a nice addition to the Google family. I have to wonder what else we'll see. Could Google start building more widgets like this in Flash that extend their properties into other areas? One interesting thing is that the 'Call' button that is available on the desktop client is also showing on the Flash client, which means you can make PC-to-PC calls from the Flash widget. That's a pretty impressive leap in how we can use the Flash player.

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