New Gizmo5 for Windows Release

When it rains, it pours! Gizmo5 came out with a new release today (4.

When it rains, it pours! Gizmo5 came out with a new release today (, which makes some nice improvements and cleans up some old problems. I use Gizmo extensively for text chat (every day with my brother, for example), and for phone access when I am traveling. This release looks like it will make it even nicer and more pleasant to use.

Login improvements:

- If you have auto-login selected, it will go directly to the main Gizmo window, without putting up the "Splash" window during the login process.

- Gizmo will also remember your last state, so if you had it minimized when you last shut it down, it will start minimized as well (this does not appear to be true if you had the main window closed, and only the Gizmo icon in the system tray visible, however).

- If you are not using auto-login, you can set your presence as part of the Gizmo login screen; if you are using auto-login, you can set your default initial presence in the Gizmo Edit/Options screen. This can be useful if you don't want your presence ever to be "Available", as it used to be automatically on login.

Other Improvements:

- Speaking of Options, Gizmo now remembers the last tab you were in on the Options menu, and returns to that tab the next time you go to Options again. This is nice if you frequently go to the options to change camera and/or audio settings.

- Improvements in DTMF support, particularly to allow input from either the numeric pad or main keyboard numreic keys. I find it pretty amusing that Skype can't even get DTMF to work properly, while Gizmo gets it right with no problem, and keeps making it better!

They say that they have also fixed various bugs and crashes reported in the .374 version, and improved the initial login/connect time. I had not run into any crashes, but I did notice that the initial login is noticeably faster.

If you use text chat (IM), I strongly recommend that you take a look at Gizmo5, they are by far the best in that field, with support for Windows, Mac, Linux, Mobile and Smart Phones (I run it on both of my Nokia cell phones), and cross-system chat support so you can integrate your contacts from Gizmo, AIM, Windows Live/MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, iChat, ICQ and many more in one client.

Likewise, if you need PSTN/POTS dial out (or in) capability, Gizmo has excellent call quality, good prices, and their Business Account for central management of multiple individual accounts is excellent.

jw 29/7/2008