New HP TouchPad owners go get your free 50GB of lifetime cloud storage

New HP TouchPad owners need to hurry and grab the free 50GB of cloud storage available for all buyers. The box.net account is free for life, a great value.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor on

New HP TouchPad owners, and there seems to be quite a few of them at those bargain basement prices, may not be aware that HP has a partnership with cloud storage provider box.net for a free account. The free storage account is still being honored currently, as several have verified to me they signed up for new accounts yesterday.

This is significant as the free accounts offer 50GB of cloud storage at box.net for life. This account normally costs $20 per month so it is a significant benefit that shouldn't be overlooked. There is no information from HP nor box.net if this offer will continue given the cancellation of the TouchPad product line so it would be prudent to grab the free account quickly. There is a free Box app in the App Catalog to interface easily with the cloud storage on the TouchPad. The account must be activated from the TouchPad app, but can be used through any web browser after it is live.

That $99 TouchPad just became a much better deal with that free lifetime cloud storage. The free storage is accessible for the life of the box.net account.

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