New Palm handhelds get Bluetooth

TDK launches a Bluetooth attachment for the Palm 'm' series, and will show off the device in the US next week
Written by Matthew Broersma, Contributor

TDK Systems will launch its latest Palm Bluetooth attachment at Comdex next week, bringing the wireless networking standard to any Palm device with the recently introduced universal connector.

Bluetooth is designed to replace the cables that currently connect handhelds, mobile phones, PCs and other gadgets and peripherals. TDK sees Bluetooth's main applications for handheld computers as wireless PC synchronisation and Internet connectivity via a Bluetooth mobile phone.

BlueM is TDK's successor to blue5, which was only compatible with the Palm V series. BlueM's compatibility with the universal connector means it will work with both high-end models like the m505 and lower-cost consumer models like the m125.

It weighs 28g and clips onto the back of a Palm device, consuming very little power.

"BlueM is a user-friendly, off-the-shelf product. It just clips onto a Palm without needing any additional licence or subscription fees for it to function," said Nick Hunn, managing director at TDK Systems, in a statement.

The device is available as of Wednesday in Europe and costs £149. It will launch in the US in mid-November.

Last week TDK launched a Bluetooth USB attachment for PCs and laptops, enabling cable-free, wireless Internet dial-up, synchronisation with handheld computers and other applications. The USB Adaptor is available now in the UK for £99.

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