New style of Google SERP?

A Google search on the word “chided

A Google search on the word “chided” today yielded an atypical SERP presentation (screenshot below). The SERP is divided in three sections, with the middle section titled “See results for dictionary” showing links to three “dictionary” site homepages and including a live search link for the term “dictionary”. No "Sponsored Links," however appeared anywhere on the page. At the top right of the SERP, this appeared: Results 1 - 10 of about 2,020,000 for chided [definition],with "definition" a live link to an definition for the word "chide".


Could the suggested links to dictionary homepages and the direct link to an definition signal potential new ways to monetize the Google SERP; the definition page has a very large "Ads by Google" ad at the top of the page.


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UPDATE A “Talk Backer” has “chided” me that the Google SERP style discussed is not “new.” The average Google user, however, may be surprised by such a SERP, as I was today, and non consistency in Google SERP formats may negatively impact user confidence in Google search results and may also negatively impact usage of, and loyalty to, Google search. The fact that I, a regular Google user and Google follower, had never noticed a “definition” link at the top right of the search results, also illustrates the difficulty Google faces in trying to diversify and expand its core search through various user cues and signals, such as “Try your search again on Google Book Search” and “Local results for…”