New Windows 10 Fast Ring test build adds new Task Manager, Notification options

Microsoft has rolled out a new Windows 10 feature update test build, No. 19541, to Fast Ring Insiders. It includes a couple of minor option changes which may or may not make it into some future Windows 10 release.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor
Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft released on January 8 the first new Windows 10 Fast Ring build for 2020. The new Windows 10 test build, No. 19541, includes a couple of minor new options for Task Manager and Notifications, along with a number of fixes and updates.

Just a reminder: Microsoft has changed the way it is rolling out test builds of Windows 10 to Insiders. The Fast Ring build is no longer tied to a specific Windows 10 feature update; instead it is for those who want to test new features which -- at some point -- may end up in some new feature update of Windows 10 (but also which never may end up coming to market).

In Build 19541, Microsoft is adding an icon to let users know when an app is using their location. This icon shows up in the notification area. Microsoft also has added a new option in the Details tab in Task Manager that will show users the architecture of each process.

In today's blog post about the new Fast Ring build, Microsoft also let users know that Bing Instant Answers and Timers are now back online for those using the Cortana App. Microsoft is still working on getting jokes and other types of conversations back up and running in the app.

Microsoft is expected to release the next feature update for Windows 10, known as 2004/the April 2020 update, later this spring. It is expected to roll out another cumulative-update-style feature update for Windows 10 later this fall, around October/November 2020.

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