New: Windows Live Account and ID

A new product from the busy Windows Live team is Windows Live Account at

A new product from the busy Windows Live team is Windows Live Account at The Hive describes it as:

"...a new control panel for your Windows Live ID (AKA Passport) account. Change your settings and get help for your Windows Live ID Account. You can manage family accounts as well."

Windows Live ID seems to be the much-maligned Passport, but re-branded and possibly integrating a user's MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger account. Or at least a Windows Live ID will let users access various MSN and Windows Live properties, all with one login. The blurb on the Accounts frontpage states:

"[Windows Live ID] Works with MSN, Office Live, and Microsoft Passport sites"


Pic from The Hive

Here's what it says in the FAQ:

"To use Windows Live you need a Windows Live ID. If you have an MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, or Microsoft Passport Network account, you can use it as your Windows Live ID and you don't need to create a new one."

Confused yet? :-) The Windows Live re-branding is painful to watch at times. But essentially this Windows Live ID is your Passport account!

The ability to manage family accounts in Windows Live Account does seem like a useful feature for IT-savvy people. But the challenge after setting up family accounts will be to teach your family how to use and gadgets, as those aren't too user-friendly for 'normal' people yet.