News Burst: AMD to cash in Intel's 64-bit plans

AMD chief Sanders says Itanium will be a misstep for Intel
Written by Richard Barry, Contributor on

Jerry Sanders, CEO and chairman of AMD, said at a press conference in Hanover Monday that its 64-bit Sledgehammer processor, arriving at the end of 2001, will be "the realisation of AMD's dream".

Sledgehammer will have the edge over Intel's Itanium in that it will be better able to run existing 32-bit software, Sanders predicts. "Intel is abandoning its 32-bit market with Itanium, forcing customers to move to completely new software," he said. "This is AMD's chance of a lifetime because Sledgehammer will run both 32 and 64-bit software."

Intel's Itanium does run 32-bit software but Sanders predicts the new processor will run it slower than existing Pentium III technology.

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