News Burst: Icelanders warm to Internet

It is cold and dark in the winter and lunar in landscape but if you want to get online, Iceland is the place to be
Written by Jane Wakefield, Contributor

Sixty-seven percent of Icelanders have Internet access at home. Eighty-four percent have it, if not at home, then at work and school. ADSL was rolled out in December 1999 and, despite being years behind BT in terms of privatisation and competition, Iceland's telecoms market boasts some of the cheapest tariffs in the world.

It may be nearer to the Arctic Circle than most would find comfortable, it may have Magnus Magnusson as one of its most famous exports, but in terms of mobile use and Internet access, Iceland is streets ahead. What lessons can we learn as we struggle to get Internet access right in the UK, and what is it that makes those snowflake jumper-clad Northerly folk so enthusiastic about the Net?

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