News Roundup: Intel extends the PC

Chip giant unveils new chips and 'Extended PC' plan at annual conference

Intel is touting all the latest developments with its hardware platform at this week's Intel Developer Forum, including chipsets, next-generation memory and wireless peripherals. NEWS:
Dell, Toshiba: We want Intel's power-saving chip
Wed, 28th Feb The companies will use Intel's new 700MHz power-saving mobile Pentium III chip in their mini-notebooks Intel unveils chips and touts 'extended PC'
Wed, 28th Feb The personal computer still is, and always will be, the centre of the digital universe, says Intel Intel to stick with Rambus strategy
Wed, 28th Feb Intel will continue its love affair with Rambus memory, and will boost P4 speeds to keep up with expected RDRAM speed jump Micron shows off DDR PIII chipset
Tue, 27th Feb Copperhead to strike entry-level Pentium III servers later this year Intel partners with Samsung on Rambus
Tue, 27th Feb South Korean chipmaker will ramp up Rambus production to over ten million units a month from March Intel to cut back on Web services
Tue, 27th Feb Chip giant will cut back on installing hardware in its data centres throughout the US, Europe and Asia Intel releases details of Web Tablet
Tue, 27th Feb Handheld allows wireless Web surfing for US customers, but Europeans are put on hold Intel gears up to deflect rising criticism
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